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Stock up on Cold and Flu Supplies!

Our shelves are stocked with our favorite natural immune boosters to protect patients of all ages from the germs that will soon be heading our way.  Be sure to stock up on these supplement gems, especially if you have school aged children. Andrographis Plus and Viraclear are our favorites to reach for at the first sign of a…

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Important Health Insurance Reminder

As we approach the year, many patient’s insurance policies are either renewing or changing.  If your insurance company requires a referral to see one of our doctors, please double check which primary care doctor is listed on your policy. Here is how: BEFORE your appointment in the new year, call your insurance company and verify that your current…

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Healthy & Organic Spa Services at Whole Health Concord

While continuing to grow our Naturopathic and Complimentary Medicine services, Whole Health Concord will be expanding our treatments to include Medi Spa services. Over time, we plan for this element of our practice to become it’s own affiliated entity.  A Medi Spa is a hybrid between a medical office and a day spa that operates under the supervision…

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